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Innovation Thinking Methods for the Modern Entrepreneur

Disciplines of thought that can help you rethink industries and unlock 10x better solutions

"The author's goal with Innovation Thinking Methods is to help entrepreneurs break free of the shackles of "lean thinking" and its incremental, overly data-driven approach... would make a good companion book with Peter Thiel's Zero to One" - Way Spurr-Chen, Goodreads reader
"This should be required reading for product managers, entrepreneurs, and innovators in all areas. Would be a great book at the college level as well as in teacher education." - Reg Nordman

Building "step-function" better things is going to be every innovator's job the next few years. This book introduces the framework that can help you find those solutions simply and reliably.

Increasingly, product teams inside of startups or larger companies are under pressure to consistently create step-function better products, advanced ideas, and future-proof strategies. Reliably coming up with substantially better ("10x better") solutions is fast becoming the minimum criteria for entry for new products, as those are the only ones that have a hope of getting the attention of users and the press in an increasingly attention-scarce world.

It's often thought that those types of "world-changing" ideas and solutions are rare things, found either in the minds of geniuses, or that hit like lightning bolts of inspiration.

This book shows that finding those solutions isn't an elusive art form, but rather a simple thinking discipline that is easy to understand and adopt, and can be used by anyone, in any team, to start thinking like a product visionary.

In the ground-breaking Innovation Thinking Methods, entrepreneur and tech CEO Osama A. Hashmi introduces the discipline of "innovation-thinking", based on the methods and techniques he's applied over the past 15 years to build strong innovation cultures in his award-winning tech companies, and to help entrepreneurs and enterprise companies refocus their thinking back towards ambitious goals and more meaningful pursuits.

Easy to read in 1-2 sittings, written in an accessible and conversational style, and full of thought-experiments, powerful questions and examples, and criticism of the status quo presented through a touch of humor, Innovation Thinking Methods is an indispensable guide to anyone wanting to kickstart a strong orientation towards substantial innovation within their companies or work.
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"Packed with a variety of ways to spark innovation, each presented in a concise and readable manner. Even the busiest entrepreneur will benefit by spending time with Innovation Thinking Methods." - Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence
"Osama is a dynamic writer who can cover the breadth and depth of business issues. His writing is fresh and to-the-point. His grip on technology, product design and strategy is impressive." - Babar Bhatti, CEO, MutualMind
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About the Author

Seattle-based entrepreneur Osama A. Hashmi is CEO and Product Architect of the award-winning CDF Software, and a board member at Mocha7. For over fifteen years, he's been involved in building product-based companies, building startup communities in emerging markets, and helping entrepreneurs and enterprise companies on product strategy. He loves undertaking projects that aim to solve some of the bigger problems in the world.

He played a pivotal role in helping to build a (now thriving) entrepreneurship ecosystem in South Asia, through startup support initiatives he built, including the award-winning "Green & White" (100,000 strong community) and the much lauded "Startup Insiders" (2000+ participants). He has also informally mentored over 90 startup companies.

He has a Bsc. Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and received further training on Intelligent Supply Chain Management, and worked as a software solutions architect, management consultant and product strategy analyst before starting his journey on entrepreneurship.

He loves coffee, photo-walks in Seattle, science-fiction storytelling, and Cello and Erhu music.

A note about the publisher

This is a Next Thirty Ideabook, not a typical business book
This is built as a "business book for people who dislike business books." It’s conversational, a quick read, devoid of filler or fluff or long-winded personal anecdotes; with a focus on delivering meaningful information. Osama believes in casual and inspirational business writing that offers a high “Density of Goodness per page”.
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